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Noodle Bowl Wooden Play Food Set

$59 USD

The perfect four-in-one noodle play set for all those noodle lovers! This play food set lets your little chef serve up ramen, udon, soba or pasta.


Includes the following:


noodles (udon - white, soba - gray, ramen - yellow, pasta - orange)
2 kamaboko (fish cake)
2 egg slices
green onion
inari sushi (fried tofu skin + rice/mochi)
spinach leaf
wakame (seaweed)
mixed vegetables
chashu (braised pork belly)
soup (light/dark)


Size: 11 (D) x 7 (h) (cm) (bowl)

Material: Cotton, Polyester (felt), Gugertree, Silicon, MDF, Linden Plywood, Magnet, Beech, Root of Common Sassafras 

Recommended Age: 3+ yrs

Designed in Japan

This product contains small parts that may present a choking hazard. Not intended for use with children under 3 years without adult supervision.

This product ships from Texas state, USA