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Ring 10

$65 USD

With over 90,000 units sold in Japan, this popular stacking toy brings a charming aesthetic to the playroom, while providing your child with many different ways to play depending on age group:

1.5 yrs~: fine motor skills, stacking
2 yrs~: color recognition, imaginative play
3 yrs~: counting, games with simple rules
4 yrs~: balance games, games with advanced rules

Each set contains 50 colorful rings, 5 unique headpieces, 5 fun hats, 2 dice, 2 string toy, 1 tray and a book of play ideas (in Japanese). 

With so many ways to play, this toy is sure to bring years of enjoyment for your children!

Intended Age: 1.5+
Size: 31 cm x 7 cm x 19 cm 
Materials: Linden, Beech, Gugertree, Cotton

Designed in Japan

This product ships from Texas state, USA