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Fagus toys truck and size comparison guide and review

Fagus wooden toys. Truck side by side comparison and review by Woodberry toys

(Updated -- November 2021)


Summary - What Do We Compare Here


1. Unimog vs. Dump Truck vs. Container Tipper Truck

2. Dump Trailer vs. Container Tipper Trailer

3. Dump Truck vs. Dump Trailer

4. Container Tipper Truck vs. Container Tipper Trailer




About The Brand

Fagus (FAH-goos), latin for "beech", is made in Borken, Germany at the Büngern-Technik workshop for physically-challenged adults. The wooden toy manufacturer started in 1981. Besides creating work opportunities, the workshop also strives to: 

  • nurture the development of the individual personality
  • maintain and improve the ability to work
  • teach, develop and maintain qualifications
  • promote social skills
  • strengthen self-esteem and independence
  • expand/maintain cultural techniques
  • promote creative design
  • improve practical life skills
  • promote a self-reliant way of life and improve/maintain physical performance up to and including entry into the 1st job market

Each employee utilizes a workstation that is specifically tailored to each employee, taking into consideration the assigned task and the employee's specific skills and abilities. 

All toys are delicately hand-crafted without the use of nails, screws or clips. Each toy is manually edged, milled, cut, lacquered and varnished using water-soluble, environmentally-friendly lacquer. The clear and transparent nature of the lacquer used preserves the look and beauty of natural wood.  


What we love about Fagus

Honestly, everything! Their craftsmanship has been honed over the years and the quality is the first thing you'll notice when holding a Fagus vehicle in your hands. The traditional materials mixed with modern elements create these durable vehicles that will be played with and enjoyed for years and, given their high-quality, can be passed down to later generations. 

Furthermore, we support the core value that Fagus toys is presenting: Togetherness, sustainability and living responsibly.  

If you are looking for a birthday present or Christmas gift for that vehicle-loving boy or girl, Fagus wooden trucks is a great choice! They are sturdy, resilient to play and replacement parts are available if needed. They truly are a gift that will be played with for many years and many generations.  


Fagus Vehicles

While there are so many different construction/farm vehicles in the Fagus catalog and they are all very popular and loved by many families; here we specifically want to present the three trucks that Fagus currently makes. A truck is also a great start if you are new to this brand or simply looking for a larger size wooden vehicle that is well-constructed. 


Fagus Trucks Review

Currently Fagus has three types of trucks available and they can look very similar especially for someone who's new to the brand or just browsing online. "What are the differences?" and "Which one (or more) should I choose?" is asked often. We gathered every detail with lots of side-by-side photo comparisons here to provide an extensive review. Maybe you'll fall in love just like us!

Unimog - is known as the basic truck. It is the smallest of the three and the only Fagus truck that has a non-tilting fixed truck bed. It is also the only truck that works with the Crane Extension. Being the most basic truck, it is definitely the most adaptable truck of all three. Since most of the Fagus attachments work with the Unimog, it is a very good beginner choice with many future expansion options. It is also more friendly for younger kids, given it's size and weight.
Fagus wooden trucks basic truck Unimog


Dump Truck -  Medium size. It has a tilting truck bed. The main differences between the dump truck and the Container Tipper Truck is their size, tailgate and how many angle settings are available for the tilting truck bed. And of course, the price. Consider this as a budget-friendly, upgraded version of the Unimog!

Fagus wooden dump truck


Container Tipper Truck - The largest truck of the three. We see kids instantly fall in love with the three different slope settings of the truck bed which the other two smaller trucks don't have. The extra large capacity allows more cargo and more fun! Just like the Unimog and the Dump Truck, the Container Tipper Truck is steerable and fits two peg people. 

Fagus wooden truck. Container tipper truck



Fagus Wooden Truck Side-by-Side Comparison 

Fagus Unimog vs. Fagus Dump Truck vs. Container tipper Truck


Top View: Unimog(Left), Dump Truck (Middle), Container Tipper Truck(Right)

When viewed from the top, it is very easy to see the difference in vehicle length. The width of the three trucks are the same. The Unimog's truck bed is connected to the cab, whereas both the Dump Truck and the Container Tipper Truck are detached for tilting truck beds.  

Fagus wooden trucks unimog vs. dump truck vs. containter tipper truck


Side View: Unimog(Left), Dump Truck (Middle), Container Tipper Truck(Right)

Again, the cab is the same for these three vehicles but the truck beds are what make the truck length different. 

fagus wooden cars unimog vs. dump truck vs container tipper truck

Rear View: Unimog(Left), Dump Truck (Middle), Container Tipper Truck(Right)

This is to show that while the truck beds for both the Unimog and Dump truck are rectangular, the Container Tipper Truck's truck bed is shaped differently.


Fagus wooden toy. Truck comparison rear view. Left to right : unimog, dump truck, container tipper truck


Angled Rear View: Unimog(Left), Dump Truck (Middle), Container Tipper Truck(Right)

Trailer Hitch : We can see through this view that the Dump Truck (Middle) has a narrower trailer hitch, whereas the Unimog (Left) and Container Tipper Truck (Right) have the same bigger trailer hitch.
Truck beds : The Container Tipper Truck (Right) not only has a longer bed, but is also deeper. Instead of a rectangle, the truck bed has an irregular hexagon cross section which makes it deeper, yet still reachable for little hands. See the chart at the bottom of this post for exact an measurement. 


Fagus wooden toys. Unimog and dump truck and container tipper truck


Front View: Unimog(Left), Dump Truck (Middle), Container Tipper Truck(Right)

The front of these three trucks are actually the same. The identical front bumper allows all three sizes of trucks to be suitable for both the snowplow extension and the sweeper extension.  All three trucks are steerable by the top knob for little hands. They can all have two peg people seated (included). 

Fagus wooden toys from Germany. Truck comparison. Front view. Unimog/dump truck/container tipper truck


Tilted truck bed between Dump Truck and Container Tipper Truck

Fagus Unimog has a fixed truck bed. The Dump Truck has one setting for tilting. Shown below  

Fagus toys wooden Dump Truck with tilted truck bed
Fagus Dump truck


The Container Tipper Truck has three slope settings to tilt the truck bed. The latch on the bottom can be easily adjusted by little ones to change the dumping angle.

Fagus Wooden toys. Container Tipper Truck 1st level of tilting truck bed/ cargo area
Germany Fagus wooden toys. Container Tipper truck. Second Truck bed tilting setting.
Fagus wooden toys. Container tipper truck highest setting for truck bed. Third setting
Fagus Container tipper Truck close up view for open box truck bed

Tailgate Between Dump Truck and Container Tipper Truck

This is a small feature which we find very different between the Dump truck and the Container Tipper Truck. The Dump truck has a hole and a dowel that fits inside. When the truck bed is tilted, the tailgate stays closed and needs to be opened by hand.  

Fagus dump truck dumping

Fagus wooden toys dump truck tailgate close up view

Fagus wooden toy cars dump truck tailgate zoom in


Whereas the Container tipper truck does not have a little hole on the bottom of the tailgate. The tailgate rests on the dowel and opens freely when the truck bed is tilted. 


Fagus Container tipper truck open truck bed tailgate
Fagus wooden cars - container tipper truck tailgate close-up


Below is a summary of the highlights and compatibility for Fagus Wooden Trucks 

Unimog  Dump Truck Container Tipper Truck
Length (inch) 9.8 13 15.5
Height(inch) 7.5 7.5 7.5
Net Weight (lbs) 1.96 2.44 2.98

Truck bed size (inch)-inner dimension

4.84(L)x3.82(W)x1.18(H) 7.09(L)x3.82(W)x1.57(H) 8.43(L)x3.54(W)x2.17(H)
Rubber Tires 4 4 6
Truck bed -Tilting - ✓;1 setting ; 3 settings
Truck bed- Opens to dump -
Figures Included ✓(2) (2) (2)
Can be attached to 
Crane Extension - -
Sweeper Extension
Snowplow Extension
Conveyer Belt
Container Tipper Trailer

 * Due to the hand-made nature of these items, the measurement and weight could be slightly different between each unique product.  


Overall rating


  • Compatibility★★★  
  • Price★★★ 
  • Capacity★★☆☆ 
  • Functionality★★☆☆

Dump Truck                

  • Compatibility★★☆ 
  • Price★★ 
  • Capacity★★★☆ 
  • Functionality★★★★

Container Tipper Truck

  • Compatibility★★☆ 
  • Price★★★☆ 
  • Capacity★★★★ 
  • Functionality★★★★


Review and Comparison Between the Dump Trailer and the Container Tipper trailer

Side view : Dump trailer (left) and Container Tipper Trailer (Right)

While they both have four wheels, the position of the axels make the dump trailer rests on a horizontal angle and the container tipper truck leans forward when not in-tow.  

Fagus wooden toys dump trailer and container tipper trailer comparison - side view

Front view :  Dump trailer (front) and Container Tipper Trailer (back)

Fagus wooden toys dump trailer and container tipper trailer comparison - front view

 Rear view: Dump trailer (front) and Container Tipper Trailer (back)

The Dump trailer has a back hitch while the container tipper trailer does not. The tailgate closure difference is like mentioned above in the truck comparison - the dump trailer closes with a dowel while the container tipper trailer's tailgate just rests on a dowel and opens freely when the truck bed in tilted.

Fagus wooden toys dump trailer and container tipper trailer comparison - rear view

Top view: Dump trailer (top) and Container Tipper Trailer (Bottom)

 The length and width is similar just that one is bigger than another in capacity due to it's depth.

Fagus wooden toys dump trailer and container tipper trailer comparison - top view




I just love how they look connecting together and want to show these photos here!

Dump Truck and Dump Trailer side by side 

The truck bed shape is both rectangle except that the Dumper trailer has a much longer truck bed with bigger capacity. 

 Fagus wooden toys dump truck and dump trailer


Container Tipper Truck and Container Tipper Trailer side by side

The truck beds are identical. The fun is more than just double!

Fagus wooden trucks container tipper truck and container tipper trailer


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