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Wooden Marbles Grapat vs. Grimm's

Wooden Marbles Grapat vs. Grimm's

What are the main differences between Grapat and Grimm's wooden marbles?

Grimm's and Grapat wooden marbles

Quantity & Colors

Grapat : 6 pieces of 6 colors each. 36 pieces total. 

Grimm's : 5 pieces of 7 colors each. 35 pieces total. Note that the darker red and the red are extremely similar in color. 

Although all the warm colors look similar between Grapat and Grimm's, the cold colors are all darker in the Grapat marbles. We did not add any filters or editing to these photos to display the most true-to-color pictures.  

Grapat and grimm's wooden marble comparison


Grapat : slightly smaller

Grimm's : slightly bigger

Wooden marbles comparison. Grapat marbles and Grimm's marbles.


In terms of surface texture,  they are both very smooth to touch and have amazing wood grains underneath the stain.


Both come in a cotton storage bag. 

 Wooden marbles comparison. Grapat versus Grimm's


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