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Natural Pyramid Stacker

$54 USD

This beautiful Wooden Stacking Toy (Square) from Wooden Story is made of wood that comes from FSC®certified suppliers. The surfaces are finished with beeswax and botanical oils, leaving a beautifully soft, natural touch, free from harmful chemicals; with an aesthetic perfect for playroom decor when not in use. 

Packed in a paperboard box, which is designed to be reused or easily recycled.

Made in Poland. 


Dimensions of the largest piece /cm/: 12 L x 12 W x 1,8 H

Dimensions of the smallest piece /cm/: 4 L x 4 W x 3,7 H

Dimensions (without packaging) /cm/: 12 L x 12 W x 17,1 H

Dimensions with packaging /cm/: 13,6 L x 14,0 W x 22,4 H

Material: Wood (FSC certified)

Recommended Age: 1+ yrs

Manufactured according to the stringent European toy safety directive EN-71.