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How to quickly gift wrap a wooden rainbow stacker

How to quickly gift wrap a wooden rainbow stacker

Learn our 3+1 easy ways to gift wrap in 5 minutes

We love a gorgeous wooden rainbow stacker set, but it is surely so awkward to gift wrap. There are many ways to gift a nice wooden rainbow stacker toy. But since unwrapping is such a big part of the fun for many little ones, we gathered some ideas with sustainability in mind. 

  • Order gifts from Woodberry Toys and let them do the work.  ★★★★★
  • No wrap. Actually, unwrap the whole thing! Set up an invitation to play. Done.
  • Find a big cotton drawstring bag - you'll need one with thicker fabric 
  • Put it in a cardboard box and wrap that box 
  • Wrap with newspaper - but watch out for ink smudges. 
  • Wrap with fabric or play silk - watch the tutorial below.
  • Wrap with Kraft paper - let us show you how in the tutorial below

 Time stamps

#1  00:05

#2  01:58

#3  03:41

#4  06:30


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