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Grapat Mandala Pieces overview and counting activity

Grapat Mandala Pieces overview and counting activity

Updated: FEBRUARY 2023 

Before we get into some learning activities, we wanted to give a brief overview of one of our most popular wooden toys: What is Grapat mandala pieces?


About the brand

GRAPAT - A family owned business that was inspired by the need for free play for their children. The wood is carefully chosen from sustainable forests. Each piece is hand-painted with water based, non-toxic dye and finished with wax and vegetable-based oil. 

Designed in Spain. Made in Spain.


About Grapat mandala pieces

As known as loose parts, these mandala pieces offers endless ways of playing. There are twenty individual Grapat mandala sets in this collection, including two that were just released this year (2023). There are sixteen (16) single color-tone sets, three (3) rainbow color sets and one (1) natural wood set.  Each of the single color-tone sets includes 3 colors with 12 pieces each, totaling 36 pieces in a set. The rainbow colored sets (rainbow eggs, rainbow mushroom and rainbow flower) includes 36 pieces in 12 different colors. The natural wood mandala includes 10 different shapes with 12 pieces each, totaling 120 pieces in a bag. So if you decide to go with all twenty sets, that is 804 pieces total! Whether you want to have every piece in the playroom; put half of them away until the little ones are older or show more interest, these wonderful small parts are the perfect tools for your children to exercise their creative minds. We even have happy customers who own multiple sets just to share between siblings! You can find all 20 mandala pieces on our website under Loose Parts, as well as Grapat's other offerings, such as rings, coins, balls, bowls, mates and different variations of nins. 


Below is a summary of the twenty mandala sets:

Color Tone  Size Release Year Note
Fires red medium 2018 shares the same shape as Raindrop
Flower Petals coral small 2021
Flowers pink medium 2018 spins like a top when turned upside down
Pumpkin 2023
Orange cones orange medium 2019 shares the same shape as Green Cones
Honeycombs yellow large 2018


yellow large 2022
Green cones green medium 2018 shares the same shape as Orange Cones
Trees green large 2020
Raindrops blue medium 2019 aka "drops of water"; shares the same shape as Fire
Snowflakes baby blue large 2021
Little Coins teal small 2018 aka small blue coins; great for stacking
Eggs purple large 2019 shares the same shape as Rainbow Eggs
Pineapples plum large 2021
Mushrooms brown medium 2018
Stones gray small 2020
Rainbow Eggs rainbow large 2021 12 rainbow colors
Rainbow Mushroom  rainbow medium 2022 12 rainbow colors
Rainbow Flower rainbow medium 2023 12 rainbow colors
Natural Wood  natural mix 2022 120 pcs in a bag


 !!Caution!! Due to the size of these pieces, they may present a choking hazard. These mandala pieces are not intended for use with children under 3 years of age without adult supervision.


What should I get first? 

We recommend Eggs/Rainbow Eggs, Raindrops/Fire and Honeycombs to begin with, since these are the larger ones and they are perfect for little hands to hold on to. The Orange/Green Cones and Snowflakes are great for little ones to balance with. Then, we suggest Pineapples, Mushrooms, Flowers , Flower Petals and Trees for their unique shapes that add a nature theme and compliment small world play. Both Stones and Little Coins are smaller in size.


Popular Activities

Although there are infinite ways to play with open-ended toys, below are just a few of the most popular activities that families enjoy with their Grapat mandala pieces.
  • making mandala 
  • counting 
  • sorting
  • stacking
  • pretend food
  • spinning tops
  • small world scenery set up 

We will continue to share more play ideas in our Woodberry Toys blog posts and we would love to hear from you too about how your family plays with them!


Today's Activity 

The great thing about open-ended toys is that they don't come with manuals. You get to play with them however you want! These colorful little pieces are one of the toys that we play with every day in our house.

Here, we wanted to share a fun counting activity that we just had. The wooden chalk board used here was a very convenient tool and we highly recommend it for it's high quality. It is very easy to clean and leaves no trace - we only used a tissue. No fumes or ink compare to a whiteboard. The size of the board is 9.5" x 13.5" - we find this is the perfect size for young children.    

Wooden Chalk board set for homeschooling


We started with counting by shapes

Wooden toy activity for pre-schoolers. Counting with grapat mandala sets.


Then we counted by colors

Wooden toy activity with pre-schoolers. Counting with Grapat mandala pieces


How about combining the two and counting the exact shape and color?

Activity ideas for homeschool. Wooden toy fun. Grapat mandala activities


Connect the dots x counting colors - this was a big hit.

counting with grapat mandala color and shape


We also did a little addition:

Grapat mandala loose parts activity ideas


What are the favorite ways to play with Grapat mandala pieces in your house? We would love to know! Comment below to share! 


Find Product links here -

Large Chalk board and dust free chalk set:  High Quality Wooden Chalk board set 

Grapat mandala sets: Fire, Flower Petals ,Flower, Orange cone, Honeycomb, Green cone, Tree, Small coin, Raindrop, SnowflakesEgg, PineapplesMushroom, Stone, Rainbow Eggs.

Grapat mandala complete set

Sorting tray: Grapat tinker tray

Table : Ikea Flisat (external link)



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