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Woodberry Toys was founded in an effort to provide simplicity, imagination and style to the home through high-quality toys and decor made from safe, sustainable materials; thoughtfully curated from all around the globe. 

As parents ourselves, we believe in toys made from natural materials that inspire children's imagination, foster creativity and encourage curious minds. It is our mission to seek unique toys of heirloom-quality and aesthetic that can be passed down from generation to generation; creating future childhood memories filled with natural warmth and nostalgia for limitless play.

We are a small, family-owned business located in Houston, Texas and we strive to take great care when packing up your favorite items for safe delivery from our hands to your home.


Our Logo

Is it a leaf falling from a tree? Is it a small bird seeking some friends? Is it...?

It is anything you want it to be.

Designed by Taiwanese graphic designer #graniph711, our logo represents the free spirit of our children's imagination with a touch of nature. Complemented by  a specially designed font, the Woodberry logo embodies a simple, yet classy, style.